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Enrolment fees included. It includes: registration, course book for entry level, welcome pack, activities, personal assistance, unlimited internet access at the school and certificate. For your convenience, all courses begin on every Monday.

Couses conducted at your accommodation: We offer the option to conduct language classes comfortably at your own accommodations; in a small group setting of up to five of your friends/colleagues, or individually in a One on One setting. The teacher will come to your accomadation at the scheduled time and will conduct the class just as if you were in a school setting. This setting provides a more comfortable learning environment for the students while saving time and money on travel. Successfully implementing the interactive method totally depends on the personal attention your teacher is able to give you.

Our groups never have more than 10 students on all standard, intensive and super-intensive courses. We determine the make-up of the group according to students' abilities. The first day of the course begins with an oral and written test. (Although, if you know you are a beginner, you will start directly in a beginners group). We work with the four traditional levels (Cervantes Institute) in combination with the six of the European Common Reference Framework for Language (Council of Europe): Standard, Intensive, Super-intensive and Speciality.


D.E.L.E. Preparation Courses

DELE stands for Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera, or “Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma”. It is the only certificate for non-native Spanish speakers that is officially recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. This diploma is of great international value for those who are going to study at a Spanish University and who want to work, or are going to work in a Spanish speaking country environment. We advise everyone who is going to take a lengthy “Spanish for Life” course to take the DELE examination.

You can follow the DELE preparation courses for the Certificado Inicial (CIE), Diploma intermedio (DIE) and the most advanced Diploma Superior (DSE) at the Mediterraneo Spanish Centre. Until now a very high percentage of our students have succeeded. However, this does not guarantee that you will successfully pass the official DELE exam, as this always depends upon various circumstances. However, we do guarantee you the high quality of these courses.